Talking to your healthcare provider

Be your own MS advocate

When living with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS), it’s important to be your own advocate. The more you advocate for yourself, the more your healthcare team can help you. And by working together, you can decide what treatment may be right for you.

As you continue to build your relationship with your healthcare team, it's helpful to:

  • Follow up with your healthcare provider between appointments with questions or concerns
  • Stay organized and schedule upcoming appointments
  • Keep your healthcare team’s contact information handy

Questions to ask your healthcare provider

Use these questions as a guide to help you talk with your healthcare provider about whether a Biogen relapsing MS treatment is right for you.

Is a Biogen relapsing MS treatment right for you?

Learn about the different types of Biogen relapsing MS treatments. Your healthcare provider is your best source of information, especially when choosing treatment. 

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