Biogen is committed to relapsing MS

Biogen works to discover and develop treatments for people living with serious neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. Today, Biogen has a portfolio of medicines to treat relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS). We are the only company that offers five treatments for relapsing forms of MS.

MS is not just what we do. It’s what motivates us to work harder

Our commitment to MS fuels our passion to provide even more treatment options to people living with MS around the world. For over two decades, we’ve worked hard to develop a range of therapies to treat this disease. In fact, year after year, we reinvest a significant amount of our earnings into product research and development to find new and different ways of treating relapsing forms of MS.

For us, it’s personal

Aside from all the medications we offer for relapsing MS, Biogen has thousands of amazing employees. Many of us have a personal connection to MS. We may be living with this disease or know or love someone who has MS.

“The mission of our company is truly about people living with MS. We are a company that looks beyond the condition, sees the whole perspective, and listens to the people who live with the disease.”

Alejandro Lopez
Senior Quality Associate

How and why treatments get developed

The process of developing a new treatment is a marathon not a sprint. There are three key stages before a new treatment becomes available. Hover over each stage to learn more.

1. Discovery
treatment development process treatment development process
2. Development
treatment development process treatment development process
3. Approval, Manufacturing,
and More
treatment development process treatment development process
Is a Biogen relapsing MS treatment
right for you?

Learn about the different types of Biogen relapsing MS treatments. Your healthcare provider is your best source of information, especially when choosing treatment. 

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