Why treatment is important

Choosing a treatment option is an important step throughout your journey with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS). As you start researching, look at the information below to help you and your healthcare team find a treatment that may be right for you.

Treating your relapsing MS

Treating relapsing MS with DMTs may help slow the progression of disability.


It's important to understand that some people living with relapsing MS have a long journey to getting diagnosed. Even if you have been living with relapsing MS for a while, it's important to consider your treatment options.


If you are not on a treatment at the moment, consider starting the conversation with your healthcare team about potential treatment options.


Factors to consider when choosing an MS treatment

Slowing the development of new or growing brain lesions

Brain lesions are areas where nerve tissue is damaged from MS. New lesions may develop without any symptoms appearing or an increase in relapses. 

There are certain treatments that have been shown to reduce the number of new or enlarging brain lesions.

Reducing the number of relapses

Reducing the number of relapses is an important treatment goal. That’s because every relapse you have could be causing lasting damage to your body. Relapses may contribute to the progression of physical disability.

There are certain treatments that have been shown to reduce relapses.

Delaying physical disability progression

Staying as active as possible while living with MS is an important factor. When exploring treatment options, you may want to consider if a treatment may help slow disability progression.

You and your healthcare provider can work together to find your baseline and monitor any changes in physical ability. Over time, you both can track your physical abilities.

Is a Biogen relapsing MS
right for you?

Learn about the different types of Biogen relapsing MS treatments. Your healthcare provider is your best source of information, especially when choosing treatment. 

Explore Biogen treatments

Taking your treatment as prescribed

When treatments get developed, they go through extensive clinical trials to determine that they’re both safe and effective.

It’s important to take your medication as prescribed. This will help you have the best chance of seeing its full potential in treating your MS.

Remember, DMTs do not treat the symptoms of MS. They can help reduce relapses, lower the number of brain lesions, and delay the progression of physical disability. 

Always talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions about your treatment.