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Sometimes it helps to know that you’re not facing relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) alone. Your healthcare provider is your first source of information, but Biogen is also here to support you through its Above MS™ services.

Relapsing MS medical case

Support Coordinator

Whether you’re just starting treatment or have been on a treatment for a while, you may need extra support. For people taking a Biogen relapsing MS treatment, our Above MS Support Coordinators can help you understand and access the resources you may need along your MS journey.

Above MS Support Coordinators offer a broad range of services:

  • General MS information
  • One-on-one MS support by phone
  • Tips to support living with MS
  • Insurance benefits investigation and research on financial assistance options
  • Recommendations for free, nearby educational events where you can learn from experts and people living with MS
  • Follow-up calls as necessary
  • Additional injection training information if you’re taking an injectable treatment
Relapsing MS medical case

Nurse Educator

Whether you’re just starting treatment or have been on treatment for a while, Nurse Educators are available by phone 24/7 to provide extra support and to answer your questions. They are registered nurses and many are MS-certified. Please keep in mind that your healthcare provider is always your primary resource when it comes to your MS and your treatment.

Nurse Educators are available to:

  • Check in regularly to make sure you get the information and support you need
  • Follow up with your healthcare providers on your behalf to ensure you are able to take your medication as prescribed
  • Offer additional injection training if you're taking an injectable treatment. They train care partners, too
  • Provide ongoing phone support if you're taking an oral treatment, including information on dosing, administration, managing common side effects, and available resources

You can reach Support Coordinators and Nurse Educators at


Support is available in Spanish.

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Live Events & Webinars

You can get important information about multiple sclerosis (MS) through educational events sponsored by Biogen—whether they’re webinars or live events across the United States. 

Attending an event is a great opportunity to connect with others in your area who are living with MS. You can hear inspirational stories and get answers to your questions from the experts.

Insurance and Financial
Assistance Support

Biogen wants to be sure that you and your healthcare provider choose the treatment that’s right for you on your journey with multiple sclerosis (MS), and that you have options regarding your financial situation. The Above MSTM program from Biogen helps you understand your insurance coverage, and if financial assistance is needed, tries to identify the best financial assistance solution for you. 

Connect with the MS community

Get up-to-date tips, insights, and specially tailored information from people living with relapsing MS—from cooking, exercise, and financial planning to talking about your condition with family and friends.

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Our commitment to MS

We know that living with MS can sometimes be a challenge, and choosing a treatment that’s right for you isn’t always easy. With more than 40 years of scientific experience, Biogen is a leader in MS research and development. Biogen offers a range of treatment options for relapsing forms of MS. As a company, Biogen won’t stop looking to discover and develop even more treatments.