Discover the possibilities in relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment

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Your treatment is important, just like you. That's why Biogen has developed different treatment options. Find out more about our medications for relapsing MS.

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Section 2: Paying for treatment

Our goal is to make sure no one has to give up on treating their disease because of financial limitations. Learn more about our $0 Copay Program and other helpful resources.

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The Above MS™ program from Biogen is here for you with tips, tools, and personalized assistance for your MS—and more.

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Relapsing MS medical case

Relapsing MS may be affecting you even if you aren’t having symptoms.

Even if you’re feeling okay, your MS may still be active. That’s because every relapse you have may be causing lasting damage to your body. And relapses may contribute to the progression of physical disability. 

How to know if your treatment is working

Tracking your symptoms may help you understand your MS. 

Monitoring your MS activity
Your healthcare provider is your best source of information

Together, you decide what treatment may be best for you. Talk to your doctor about relapsing MS treatment options and see if a Biogen medication may be right for you.

Talking to your healthcare provider

The importance of disease modifying therapies

Disease modifying treatments, or DMTs, have been shown to help reduce the number of relapses, and delay the progression of physical disability. Although there is no cure for MS, treating your MS with medication, when appropriate, may be one way to know you’re doing what you can to help take care of yourself. You should always consider the benefits and risks of each therapy, as well as potential side effects and how you and your doctor can help manage them.

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Our commitment to MS

We know that living with MS can sometimes be a challenge, and choosing a treatment that’s right for you isn’t always easy. With more than 40 years of scientific experience, Biogen is a leader in MS research and development. Biogen offers a range of treatment options for relapsing forms of MS. As a company, Biogen won’t stop looking to discover and develop even more treatments.